We Cruisin'!

21 December 2016
We Cruisin'!

I love the Knysna Lagoon. It is a place of beauty, calmness and romance, and when we embarked on the popular Knysna Sunset Cruise last week that was what we got - with a good dose of fun on top!

Our skipper Hans was knowledgeable and gave us interesting insight into our surroundings in a relaxed and pleasant manner. He safely steered the 27ft. boat, based on the original oyster vessels, to the famous Knysna Heads. Here he stopped to help us take pictures at this perfect photo opportunity.

On our way back a glass of chilled white wine was served and fresh, fresh oysters were laid down before us. As this was my first time opening the hard shells of the delicacy, Hans showed me the ropes and I quickly got the hang of it.
Hans opened the rest of the wild oysters and we enjoyed them with freshly cut lemon while sipping our wine and marvelling upon the glowing water surrounding us.

As the sun set over our beautiful Knysna Lagoon we slowly returned to the landing jetty, leaving quietly with new fond memories of this magnificent place.

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