SUPing and Supping - A Stand-Up Paddle Board Tale from Plettenberg Bay

28 June 2018
SUPing and Supping - A Stand-Up Paddle Board Tale from Plettenberg Bay

Went SUPing with the girl friends the other day. Or better: supping! Telling everyone afterwards how nice my “ES-YOU-PEEING”-Trip was got me a lot of laughs J

Anyway, I was a little late for the meeting time but Garth, the instructor, took it with relaxed wisdom. Quote: “What most people traveling don’t seem to have, I have: time.”
Since we all live here, we’re not really traveling though. Instead we arrived with kids, husbands, beach balls, sunhats and half of our living room furniture. My one friend even brought her dog to go on the board with her.

So off we went after a short introduction and some good advice where to best go when paddling on the Plett lagoon.
It was my first time but it wasn’t very difficult to figure out the right spot to stand and how to use the paddle to propel the big Stand-Up Paddle Board forward. So did Schnitzel, the dog.

We slowly meandered our way through the lagoon and should have been able to enjoy the incredible beauty and serenity of this wonderful place, that is one of my favourite places in the world – if there hadn’t been so much stuff that we had to catch up on! To my slight embarrassment and great regret I didn’t look down enough to see that there was even a little school of bronze whaler sharks (which are not aggressive) just below us!
They had apparently been around for a little while and Garth was busy trying to capture their presence with his drone. He eventually managed to take footage of them on that very day!
(Have a look at our Facebook page for pictures.)

As for us, we went up and down the Plett lagoon on these wide SUP boards, feeling as if we can walk on water. It was the perfect day, and no better way to spend it.

When we got back, the little one came with us on the boards for a spin, sitting nicely in front of our feet. Some went swimming, other played ball and all of us rounded the great day off with a delicious original Italian lunch at one of our favourite places here in Plettenberg Bay. (Ask us for this place when you come, you won’t regret it ;))

Verdict: Ideal for families with slightly older kids, good for friends and also perfect for romantic dates, I imagine J

It’s not fast, but that is the point. If you want to spend a morning enjoying a fun but easy & relaxed activity in the stunning surroundings of Plettenberg Bay, this one is for you.

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