Quadbiking in the Gardenroute

10 June 2019
Quadbiking in the Gardenroute

I went quadbiking with Jamin Adventures the other day. At first I was nervous as it has been 10 years since I have been on a quadbike. When I arrived the guide introduced himself and explained the dos and don’ts when riding a quadbike. There are automatic and manual quadbikes and the choice was all mine.

When I did the 6 kilometer track I felt comfortable riding alone, as the instructor guided me all the way. He also took me for a brake test before the trail so I could get used to the controls, motion and feel of the quadbike.

The tricky part for me was getting used to turning corners with a certain speed but when the instructor slowed down to check my progress I got the hang of it and was at complete ease riding the quadbike further down the diverse track.

The ride takes place on a beautiful site hidden in the Knysna forest, with occasional patches of clear sky and open plains in between. The combination makes for a very interesting and fun trail to ride.
After finishing the track I got to save a few memories taking pictures and I must say that I truly enjoyed this exciting day out.

By Shaaqir

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