Paragliding – Jamin Adventures takes to the Skies

8 December 2016

Here is a video of our PARAGLIDING TRIP last week! As you can see it was a beautiful thing to do and we enjoyed every minute!

After a few quick exchanges with the instructor Lucille about the best spot in the area with just the right amount of wind, she gave us directions and we found the site easily.

Upon arrival at the Sedgefield launch site the wind conditions were at their best so we immediately kitted up and following brief instructions, we were already up up up before we knew it! And how lucky we were! It was a peach of a day with views all the way to Mosselbay and back around to Knysna’s famous West Head in the distance. We couldn’t have wished for more.

Words cannot describe the colours and magnificence of this part of the country and luckily they don’t have to, just watch for yourself! You can see Rina sitting in this extremely comfortable chair that feels like the hanging chair in our garden…except: you’re flying.

And a word to the more sensitive ones amongst you: It’s not really scary. Having done the Skydive and Bungy Jump before, we expected adrenalin pumping through our veins but Paragliding sits right there on the sweet spot between exhilarating action and a nearly serene calmness, hovering up there, away from the sounds of the town below us, flying with the birds and clouds.
If on the other hand you’re looking for action, ask you instructor to do some spins with you and you’ll get that zero-gravity rush in your stomach that makes us come back for more.

All in all it really was a wonderful experience that everyone can enjoy – all you have to do is sit back, relax, and take it all in. Definitely recommended!

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