Paragliding Wilderness

  • Family
  • Weather Dependent

Experience the exhilaration, joy, and sharing of nature through Tandem Paragliding in Wilderness!

On any good weather day, enjoy the thrill of a paragliding flight as a passenger and soar along the magnificent Wilderness coastline together with the birds.

During whale season you may spot one of these magnificient animals from above.

Our priority is to be safe and to have fun! All Tandem Flight Instructors are SAHPA rated and carry HD action cams, to capture you and the stunning views.
The camera is set up on a customized telescopic boom which captures visuals of both you and the pilot flying. This is a fantastic way to re-live and share your flight with family and friends.

Paragliding is weather dependent, so it is better not to leave your booking until the last day of your holiday to ensure a bigger window of opportunity.

There are 24 flying sites within an hour’s drive around this paragliding school in Wilderness, which range from easy coastal soaring to cross country thermals. The location will depend on the wind speed and direction for the day, which is why you will be contacted on the morning of your booked date.

Children from 5 years old and up can join us, they just need the inclination to fly!
The wind speed can dictate to us how light or how heavy a passenger can be, but in general, our passengers can be from 20kg to 125kg.
No previous experienced required. The flying time is around 10 minutes.

Also available: Paragliding tuition, paragliding license courses, powered paragliding tuition, equipment sales and rental. Please enquire.

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