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Extraordinary Elephant Encounters

This elephant park was established in 1994 and was the first facility in South Africa to house and care for orphaned African elephants. Over the last twenty years, the park has cared for and raised more than forty elephants. These animals include relocated animals, orphaned calves, elephants rescued from culls and ex-circus animals. Some have become part of the resident herd, others have moved onto other reserves and facilities in the Western and Eastern Cape, depending on their personalities, bonds with other animals and welfare needs.

The present herd numbers nine – the largest domesticated matriarchal herd in the country. Get up close and personal with the elephants, on elephant terms. Responsible and educational interactions allow guests to appreciate the awe-inspiring presence of these animals, but still give the elephants the space and freedom to choose where they want to move, what they want to eat and who they want to interact with. There are no fences to spoil the close encounter and our environment encourages elephants to exhibit natural behaviours.

Be Touched by an Elephant Tour:
Following a short video, guests are transported to the field where you have the opportunity to interact, feed and walk amongst our herd of African elephants. You also have the opportunity to purchase an ‘elephant snack bucket’ to feed the elephants during your visit. Experience Duration: 45 – 60 minutes

Elephant Back Rides: A once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy an elephant back ride on one of these incredible creatures.Join our herd, as the trail leads through the park, offering you spectacular views of the Outeniqua mountains and the Knysna forest. This amazing experience is rounded off with light refreshments. All elephant rides are conducted according to strict welfare guidelines. No saddles are used and the entire herd stays together. Duration: 1.5 Hours, early morning and late afternoon walks. Weather permitting. Includes refreshments. Minimum 2 people, maximum 6. No children under 5.

Elephant Walks: Experience an incredible scenic walk, meandering through the park at elephant pace with panoramic views of the Outeniqua mountains and Knysna forest. Join our guides who will relate informative ‘elephant tales’ while you follow in the footsteps of these remarkable animals. Round this off with refreshments at the park restaurant. Duration: 1.5 Hours, early morning and late afternoon walks. Weather permitting. Includes refreshments.

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