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Birds Of Eden, Monkeyland, Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary and Snakes

These four wildlife sanctuaries are situated in the heart of the Garden Route’s indigenous forest, and provide a unique wildlife experience with their free-flight and free-roaming sanctuaries – such as no other in the world.

Birds of Eden
Encompassing 2.3ha of partly forested land, covered by mesh and criss-crossed by a 1.2km walkway, Birds of Eden allows visitors to explore the aviary at their own pace. Its highest point is approximately 50m since the terrain includes a deep gorge with a waterfall, providing ample flying space for its winged inhabitants. The sanctuary is home to over 3000 birds of around 220 species. 

Monkeyland is the world’s first free-roaming, multi-species primate sanctuary and aims to provide ex-captive primates with a healthier, more natural life and to raise public awareness about primates. Around 400 apes, monkeys and lemurs live at Monkeyland, including gibbons, capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkeys, spider monkeys, a howler monkey, miniature monkeys, vervets, spectacled langurs and three species of lemur. Experienced rangers guide one-hour tours through Monkeyland’s 12ha indigenous forest. The safari guides are multi-lingual and tours in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish and Xhosa can be arranged. 

Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

Jukani is one of the greatest experiences with the world's fearsome hunters. Jukani is dedicated to the preservation and well being of carnivores by changing attitudes and minds of people. In this sanctuary you will find carnivores of all shapes and sizes like the mighty Tiger of Asia or the cunning jackal. The animals at Jukani are all wild - none of them has had their spirits broken and none have been tamed.

Jukani Snakes
The snakes are at home in a different section of the park. There are 22 kinds of snakes at Jukani Snakes, including Swart mamba; Boa constrictor; Yellow Anaconda and African rock python.

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