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Kloofing in South Africa is known elsewhere as Canyoning or Canyoneering.
Canyoning — n “the sport of traveling down a river situated in a canyon by a variety of means including scrambling, floating, swimming and abseiling" (

Join us on this Kloofing river adventure!
You will be swimming through mountain pools, abseiling in and around waterfalls, rock-hopping and if opting for the 4hr Canyon Adventure, enjoying the thrill of the rockpool zipline. For the outdoor enthusiast this trip offers hours of outdoor fun in beautiful indigenous surrounds.

  • What is it? -  Guided Canyoning, or locally referred to as Kloofing trip
  • Minimum age? - 12yrs (dependent on river conditions)
  • What we provide? - Abseil equipment, harness, wetsuit, helmet & lifejacket
  • What to bring? - Water shoes, swimming costume and towel
  • Max people per group? - 8-10 (unless pre-arranged with us)

Standard Trip - “The Canyoning Adventure”
This “Full Monty” trip includes abseiling, optional jumps from various heights & rock-pool zip-line
Duration approx.. 4hrs

Short Trip - “The Canyoning Intro/Dip”
A brief introduction to Canyoning includes abseiling and optional jumps - does not include zipline
Duration approx.. 2hrs

NB: Check in 1hour before departure time for gear issue and safety brief.

Feel the Rush! Feel Alive!

This trip requires a good level of physical fitness. We will guide you through the rest.
Your adventure starts with a briefing at the base-camp.  Once dropped at the river entry point, a short drive from base-camp and within minutes you are set up for your first abseil.

Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, single global roamers & groups looking to have fun in the great outdoors.

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